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home nearby. and she said she knew something wasser it -- was terribly wrong. >> reporter: 8-year-old derek brown survived a harrowing ordeal. snatched from his home, and left at this abandoned home on lynwood street. and helen jones found him. >> i happened to see the man come out of the house, get into a green car and pull off. and the little boy came out a few minutes later. and i hollered to my daughter's boyfriend, i said, that's the little boy that is missing. i'm calling 911. >> he is back home. and he is okay. >> when it's your own and you actually experience it, it is -- words can't explain. >> at some point, somewhere long the way, -- along the way, the suspect is familiar with the family. it's safe to say that the motive for this entire incident was money. >> do you have any idea why anyone would want to do that to him? >> i have no idea. we don't know coming. just happy that he's home.
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>> reporter: police have one suspect and are looking for another, ra him taylor. the woman who found him is just glad she was watching wjz, heard the description, and acted on it. >> such a pretty little thing. >> reporter: now, police say there could be more than two people involved in this plot. they have not said how much ransom money the kidnappers demanded. and while they say the motive money, they would not go into further details. live at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thanks, mike. police say the charges are pending against the man they have in custody. they have not released his name. right now, a number of baltimore county families are homeless, after fast-moving flames destroyed part of an owings mills townhouse complex. >> reporter: denise, that investigation is just beginning. and even though the fire has just been contained, the firefighters are still recovering.
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you can imagine, in this brutal heat. makes for a dangerous situation. >> a row with 14 townhouses, completely engulfed in flames, called for four alarms. now, 13 adults and 12 children at the morning side complex have to find a new place to live. >> gets off flames in the kitchen. and i guess she panicked. >> reporter: gerald good said the fire started in his wife's house. the unit on the end. his three boys, ages 3, 7, and 11, lived there. and they were all there when the fire broke out. >> i knew in her voice that something was wrong. she told me that the house was on fire. i said, i'm on my way. >> i hoped the door. and my mom was running out of the house. >> a spokesman for the fire department says no residents were injured. but a volunteer firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion.
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we opened up in medical rehab. so many delayed injuries. and we are told the one firefighter who battled this fire. is expected. need to see where they can go. and the red cross is providing them food, water and information tonight. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. as weijia explains, this made things more difficult for firefighters. these children have the best idea to stay cool. they have a pool in their front yard. also in towson, it's first business at this lemonade stand. this construction crew is struggling to beat the heat here and anne arundel county.
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and these children here in cockeysville. wjz is live in first warning weather coverage. tracking the unseasonably hot temperatures. just coming in at 6:00. we're at 92. we did get up to 93. the same temperatures we saw yesterday afternoon. the difference today now is the dew point is down a bit to 68 degrees. ocean city coming at 93. oakland only, 77. but when you take the humidity into consideration with the temperatures, it feels like 96 on your skin. that's the way it really feels on your skin. still some advisories in effect for the region. since we last spoke, they have dropped the heat advisory. there still is a code orange air quality alert in effect for
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the baltimore metro region. because the air quality is poison. you can see that hanging on there. that's about it. now, want to update this also. not only do we offer this, but they will continue to bring in cooler and dryer air much more drastically. for the next few days, you can see this. we'll let you know more about that coming nup your forecast coming back inside. first warning weather coverage continues with adam may and more on how people are coping in this heat. adam? the city pools around baltimore have been absolutely packed today. and down here at the inner harbor. we've got kids jumping in and out of them all day. even a few adults have decided to come down here and cool off. it is downright hot at hot dog on falls road. >> is that root beer or diet coke? >> celebrating their one-year
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anniversary, the outdoor business has been open every day, no matter what the weather. flaming grills add to the heat. >> i prefer to the cold. that's really nice. so you can get behind a fan and cool off a little bit in the heat. during the winter, you're solidly cold. and there's nothing you can do about it. >> but doctors say this weather can be dangerous. especially for outdoor workers. >> i have people who died from it. the numbers are real. it does happen. please make sure you're not one of those figures. >> reporter: already this summer, at least four people have died. including two in baltimore city. the elderly at risk. >> we've had a 95-year-old woman. and an 81-year-old gentleman, with cardiovascular disease, pass away from heat-related complication. >> reporter: the best, air conditioning. >> certainly, whenever the weather is extremely hot, you're going to see some weather-related outages. >> reporter: luckily, the power is still out for everyone. including this massage therapist. >> at least we're in the shade.
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>> reporter: now, fortunately, i just got an update from bge. and there have now been some power outages, since our last report at 5:00. a lot of power outages around the city. 2400 people. most of that, concentrated now. in northwestern bawfer of baltimore. and -- baltimore. and the entire bge west region. crews are out there right now, cry -- trying to get power restored as quickly as possible, we're told. we're live, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we invite you to check in with wjz for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar any time, just go to not giving an inch. republicans and democrats, struggling to find a middle ground, when it comes to raising the debt ceiling. and it's all over taxes. danielle nottingham reports for wjz, from washington. time is running out for the two sides to strike a deal. >> reporter: president obama told cbs evening news anchor scott pelley that tens of billions of dollars in social security payments, as well as veteran and disability
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payments, could be in jeopardy, if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd, if we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are stepping up their criticism as time winds down to the august 2nd deal deadline. >> when is the president going to lay his cards on the table? this debt limit increase is his problem. >> everything has to be on the table. everything. all spending programs. all entitlement programs, all taxes, have to be on the table. >> reporter: lawmakers return to the white house for a third time this week, trying to come up with at least $2 trillion in spending cuts. democrats want to close some tax loopholes, bringing in additional cash. but republicans say they can't support tax hikes. leading gop senator mich mcconn -- mitch mcconnell is working
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on a contingency plan, in case congress doesn't sign off in time. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and you can see, cbs evening news anchor scott pelley's entire interview tonight on wjz 13. gay rights advocates launch their 2012 campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland. wjz is live at city hall. and political reporter pat warren has more on what marylanders can expect to hear and see. >> reporter: same sex marriage supporters intend to follow the examples set in new york state and campaign to sway public opinion, as well as political opinion in their favor. >> reporter: baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake puts the power of the mayor's office, behind legalizing same- sex marriage in maryland. >> your fight is our fight. and together, i know, we will win. >> reporter: other faces behind the cause come forward in the
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launch of marylanders for marriage equality. fashioned after the successful campaign led by new york governor, that legalized same- sex marriage in new york last month. >> we'll do whatever it takes. gize move to legal -- >> a move to legalize same-sex marriage went back to committee without a vote. >> on the floor, recommit the bill. all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed, say nay. bill has been recommitted to the committee. >> people going door to door. people in the associations, churches, synagogue, in their mosques, talking about the fact that marriage equality is the right thing to do in maryland. >> defenders of marriage, one man, one woman, are expecting the pressure. >> we are in their sights. we are targeted, in the bull's eye. >> reporter: ironically, both use the defense of family in their position. >> we have that incredible victory in new york, showing us the way, showing us the path to victory. >> but will it work in
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maryland. >> we don't want that. and it ain't going to happen. read my lips. >> reporter: others have a different read. >> reporter: supporters in the house also think there's a possibility that a same-sex bill could come up in the special session that would be held on redistrict the third week in october. reporting live from she cityhall, i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. advoeight indicates -- advocates want maryland to become the 7th straight -- state to legalize gay marriage. missing in libya. a baltimore family's desperate search to find their son. i'm mary bubala. matthew van dyke's story just ahead on eyewitness news. growing scandal at a popular rock-climbing school. i'm derek valcourt. why yet another coach has been arrested, coming up on eyewitness news. long lines in downtown. after thousands show up for a job fair. i'm monique griego.
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coming up, we'll show you just how hectic things got. and welcome relief coming this way. stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,
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a growing scandal at a chain of a rock climbing. derek valcourt has more on the ongoing investigation at earth treks. >> reporter: 31-year-old climbing coast, michael lyons, arrested in late june, after he
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confessed to having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14- year-old student. now, these court documents show another earth treks coach, 20- year-old assistant coach, daniel mont gue, also had an ongoing sexual relationship with an underaged girl he had been coaching. it's upsetting news to many earth trek climbers. >> seems like a definite trail of trash. >> reporter: in the incident, they did not occur at the earth treks facilities. instead, the young victim and her friend made a list of the acts they were engaged in at the victim's house while her mother was away for a few hours. >> reporter: they refused to talk about either of the coaches they have since fired. instead, they issued a written statement. we have been aware for several days that these charges were coming, but howard county police have requested that we remain silent while their investigation is ongoing. we have begun to notice parents
6:16 pm
and guardians of machines of the climbing team. parent whose take their kids to earth treks were shocked by the news. >> it makes you worry. but you just keep an eye on your kids and take them out. and just be a parent, be responsible. that's what it's all about. >> many of the climbing team parents were so upset by the news that they have held one informational meeting. another with the team parents thursday night in rockville. >> thank you, derek. howard county police are not talking about montague's arrest, citing their ongoing investigation. update on the health of fred homan. he is now out of the hospital. he was injured on a horse. the extent of his injuries are not being released. but they say homan is making excellent progress. the economy is still struggling along. thousands of people flood the
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inner harbor sheridan for a job fair today. the huge crowd caused quite a bit of chaos. i see everybody doing the little slip slide thing. >> things quickly started to get out of control, after thousands of people showed up to a downtown job fair. >> i need single-file lines. >> with resumes in hand, job seekers lined the halls of the sheraton, as they waited for a chance to meet with a prospective employer. >> these people are here to help us. >> reporter: but not everyone in line was understanding. with the unemployment rate at 10%, 4% higher than just three years ago, organizer williams was frustrated. hawthorne has hosted several job fairs for coast-to-coast careers but said he has never seen a turnout like this. >> there's only so many vendors. you want to get a personal one on one with them without them bumping in. >> reporter: various vendors
6:18 pm
were on hand to take resumes from a wide variety of people looking for work. >> people want to maybe change career paths. >> reporter: despite the long line and having to fight the crowds, many of the job seekers say it's all worth it. >> i'm going to be following up on. >> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> the majority of people wjz spoke with today were already employed but looking for a better job that pays more money. all right. the heat soon may break. >> yes. we're going to have a break, beginning tomorrow. a little cooler. and by tomorrow fight, very pleasant. let's take a look at temps now. still where we were last hour. 92. the dew point is a bit lower than yesterday at 68 degrees. humidity is hoer than -- lower than it was yesterday. north to northwest winds at 12. nice breeze is helping. barometer holding steady. 29.76 inches. come back and take a look at a
6:19 pm
changing forecast for wednesday and into the week after this. ,,
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here's a live look outside right now, down at the inner harbor. i'm telling you, it's got to be awfully hot. that heat coming off the pavement. >> oh, yeah. be in the water.
6:22 pm
probably where we want to be today. on the land, most places. now, actually, today, the temperatures were exactly where they were yesterday. but it was a little bit dryer. than yesterday. we're still at 92. the hot spot over there in washington. they're still at 95. ocean city. with the wind off the land there at 93. 90 in cumberland. cool spot in oakland this afternoon, only 77 degrees. wow. once again, the dew point at this time yesterday, was around 70. it's down to 68. that does make a slight difference. down to 87, westminster. 90 in rock hall. and 93, 74 today. these were today's temps. 74, happened last night. but the showers right after midnight. 87, 66 are the normals this time of year. next week, we go up to 88. that's the warmest it gets all year long. average next week for about 10 days is up to 88.
6:23 pm
then it begins to drop off again as we head into august. 97, 53, the record. so today, we were 4 degrees shy of tying that record. 53. nice and cool back in 2002. nice breeze. anywhere from 7 to 15 miles per hour. it has helped to dry things out. there's a front across the great lakes. behind it, cooler and dryer air. with that front tomorrow an, maybe a pop-up shower or thundershower in a few isolated spots. still a lot of dry air. chance for that thunderstorm. and behind that, it may begin to cool down. wednesday night. very pleasant. thursday into the end of the week. let's take very pleasant temperatures in the mid-80s. actually, below normal. northwest winds on the bay. and a nice breeze again today. bay temp, around 82 degrees. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. 72 but still humid.
6:24 pm
tomorrow's high, a little better than today. near 90. -- will still be rather hot later today. big difference in the low to mid-60s. >> wow. wonderful, bob. wjz and masn and the orioles are teaming up to feed the hungry. and we need your help. during the home stand against the cleveland indians. we are asking you to take nonperishables. the wjz family will collect your donations at the gate. you can make cash donations as well. friday, if you're there, you can meet don, adam, ron, andrea. saturday, meet vic, kai, bob, mark, gigi, tim and pat. and sunday, you can meet mary, jeff, stan -- jess, weijia, stan and me. all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. >> we like getting the cash. they can do a lot with the
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cash. >> that's right. we don't take the cash. we just like to hear it clink. >> absolutely. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. >> i'm alex alex demetrick coming up. a small improvement here, a small improvement there, it's adding up to a healthier bay. that story as eyewitness news continues. steroids scandal. getting closer to opening statements in the roger clemens trial. what happened in court today. and farewell today. a large turnout for the funeral,
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just before 6:30. mostly sunny. and 92 degrees. here are some of the stories team are talking about tonight. farewell to a former first lady. you're looking live at the service right now for former first lady betty ford in palm desert, california. karen brown has more on the service. members from four decades of white house history, join friends and family to remember
6:29 pm
former first lady, betty ford. former president george w. bush escorted nancy reagan. and was joined by first lady michelle obam ark and ford's good friend, former first lady, rosalyn carter. betty ford planned her ceremony at the same church, where she mourned her husband's death. >> we'll never see the likes of a lady like that again. >> this is a great day to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman. >> reporter: tonight, the public will be allowed inside to view betty ford's casket. tomorrow, her body will be flown to grand rapids, michigan, where she'll be buried alongside her husband, on what would have been his 98th birthday. >> hundreds have already come to the memorial museum in grand rapids to remember. >> she's justice a very special lady. >> ford never expected to be first lady, but she never let it stop her from speaking her
6:30 pm
mind. at a time when people barely spoke of cancer, she made her battle with cancer public. and after her addiction, she opened the betty ford clinic, which has helped 100,000 people. >> i think mrs. ford's legacy will be one of hope of the and hope that is grounded in candor and courage. >> reporter: and it's those qualities that are being remembered today. karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and it was just mentioned, thursday, betty ford's body will be interred at the international museum, along with her husband. that would have been gerald ford's 98th birthday. 10 women and two men will decide if the seven-time cy young award winner, roger clemens, lied about using performance-enhancing drugs. former outfielder al bumbry was
6:31 pm
a coach when clemens was on the team. the trial will continue opening statements tomorrow. tonight, baltimore city police are asking for your help to find a missing man. take a good look at 56-year-old tyrone morgan. he was last seen in the 3700 block of clifton avenue. morgan has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is developmentally challenged. and baltimore police want you to keep your eyes out for this man as well. 66-year-old joseph dorsey. he is also developmentally challenged. dorsey was visiting baltimore from atlanta and was last seen walking to a corner store on edmondson avenue. if you see either man, please cause call baltimore city police. french lawmakers have voted to extend funding for the country's military intervention in libya. there continues to be a stalemate. but there are reports gadhafi is considering stepping aside, if he is granted asylum in another country. france spearheaded the nato-led
6:32 pm
campaign in libya, along with britain to support rebel forces. the uprising in libya is at the center of a local mother's search. her son, a baltimore journalist, disappeared during the first week of the struggle. mary joins us now with more on the story. >> reporter: karen van dyke has travel to the other side of the world and will not give up until she brings her son home. >> overthrowing moammar gadhafi in libya. tear apart a baltimore mother and her son, an independent journalist, at the center of an international mystery. matthew van dyke is an adventurer who frequently left his south baltimore home to explore the middle east on the back of a motorcycle. this spring, he felt a calling to witness history, when the libyan people were trying to overthrow their government. his mother said he headed fearlessly for the action. >> not only was he witnessing, he was right smack in the middle of it. he is in the middle of someone else's war.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the last time sharon van dyke heard matthew's voice was march 12th. he told her he was heading to ben gaza and they talked the next day. >> there was a recording in arabic. it said that the call couldn't go through. >> reporter: frantic, sharon called matthew's cell phone, 30 times a day. finally, someone picked up, but it was a man with an arabic arc cent. -- arc cent. not her son. oops. >> i asked him, why are you answering my son's cell phone. he said, i hope you find your son and hung up. >> where do you think matthew is now? in prison? >> oh, yes. gadhafi has detention, bunkers all over the country. and i think matthew is in one of them. >> reporter: sharon is doing whatever she can to find her son. she's pressed the state department. >> pressure on the gadhafi regime has increased.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: appeals to embassies in washington, d.c., and flown halfway around the world to istanbul, turkey. she didn't stop there. >> you are on a mission to mind your son, no matter what. >> he is a more person who has a mother who is out looking for him. i went to the libyan embassy and went to gadhafi's men. because i thought, if they have him, why am i wasting time talking to people who don't have him? so i went to the door and knocked and they let me in. >> and what did they say to you? >> the press counselor, who is the son of gadhafi, part of the army, is part of the war. so he said he understood what i was going through. >> reporter: back home, there was a news conference in her living room! these is a major priority, when you have an american being held captive. >> reporter: ruppersberger introduced a measure in congress. >> have you thought what happens if gadhafi doesn't
6:35 pm
leave libya? >> i'm not going to see my son as long as gadhafi is in power. >> reporter: and sharon tells us, it has now been 121 days since she's spoken to matthew. she's trying to make plans to go to libya herself to get information about her son. but she's having trouble working out details of that dangerous trip. denise? >> thank you, mary. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. how sheila dixon is still a power broker behind the scenes in this year's baltimore mayor's race. and if andy macphail's future with the orioles in jeopardy? and how area pick your own farms are using facebook and other media sites to let people know what's right. remember to look for the updated forecast in wjz's first warning weather team. after promising consequences if states in the chesapeake watershed don't do more to clean up the bay, the federal epa says more positive results are turning up. maryland is more than holding
6:36 pm
its own. a bay, not just clean enough to swim in, but clean enough to support a variety of life, is what half a dozen states in the chesapeake wawrlts shed has -- watershed has pljed to do. and the feds are holding them to it. >> epa has put into place, accountability tools called milestones. >> and the governor was very pleased to announce with epa that we're essentially there. that we're about 98% of reaching our goal. >> the goal was to reduce nitrogen that feeds alalgae-- algae blooms. so a record 400,000 acres and cover crops were plant maryland immediate to absorb that excess moisturizer. sewage treatment plants continue to be upgraded. the end result, maryland reduced pollution by 4 million pounds.
6:37 pm
but -- >> the public needs to know, as we move each increment up, it's a tougher challenge, a steeper climb. >> to meet its goals, maryland still tases two very large and expensive hurdles. >> addressing storm waters from urban areas. this is the one area that continues to increase when it comes to pollution roads, along with septic systems. >> rain settles on land. and leaks from septic systems carry it to waterways and the bay. states will need federal money, as well as pressure. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> well, the price tag for a restored bay by the year 2025 is something of a moving target. but it will easily cost in the tens of billions of dollars. still to come tonight. back in court. why wikileaks founder, julian assange is fighting extradition charges on sex crimes. bob turk. cooler and dryer air, headed our way. and the instant first warning forecast coming up. and wjz 13 is always on.
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new violence, rocks
6:41 pm
northern ireland. shot molotov cocktails at police in belfast. such violence sparks occasionally. but ireland has been mostly at peace since the historic peace agreement in 1998. well, the man at the center of the wikileaks scandal is back in court. julian assange is appealing his extradition to sweden. he insists the sex allegations against him are politically motivated. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian asawnch made his way through a crush of media, to fight his latest media battle at britain's high court. assange's lawyers are trying to block his extradition to sweden, where he's wanted on sexual assault allegations. they say sweden's case against assange is flawed. the australian computer wiz is accused of sexually assaulting two wikileaks volunteers on a trip to stockholm last year.
6:42 pm
but assange's lawyers insist the sex was consensual. and they're urging him not to hand him over to authorities. assange says it is driving the allegations. the seattle published more than 250,000 secret u.s. government documents. >> reporter: assange's supporters fear sweden could hand him over to the u.s., where a federal grand jury is investigating wikileaks. >> it's politically motivated. they want to get assange on political soil to get him out. and mark my words, that's what will happen. >> reporter: a district judge ruled against assange, in january, saying there is no reason to believe he wouldn't receive a fair trial in sweden. assange's appeal is expected to take two days and a ruling may be two weeks away. the wikileaks founder says if he loses here, he'll take his case to britain's supreme court. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> ruling in the case might not be made public for days or even
6:43 pm
weeks. a hero is honored at the white house today, with the highest military award. a metal of honor. leroy arthur petrie is awarded the medal while endangering himself. he is the only second living active duty award winner. scott pelley has more on what's coming up on the cbs evening news. can president obama guarantee social security checks go out on august 3rd? with a government debt default looming? we asked him just that. find out his answer and how he's responding to john boehner, tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, scott, here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
6:44 pm
the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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another steamy summer evening, across the street. -- state. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are updating the five-day forecast. and also, have a closer look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> tomorrow is pretty much our transition day. the front moves through tomorrow. as we still start out warm and mugy in the afternoon.
6:47 pm
still could be scattered showers and showers and thunderstorms as we head through the evening hours. winds pick up and much dry are air follows through the second half of the week. front comes through. boy, down to 63. that will feel so nice. mild 80s thursday and friday. and back into the upper 80s, partly cloudy skies, here on sunday. not a bad forecast. denise? >> all right, good. thank you, bob. intense security for the new royal couple on their world tour. mark steines has more from hollywood. coming up here on entertainment tonight. >> reporter: william and kate's security breach that gave kate a good scare. snipers. dogs sniffing for explosives. secrets for security. from the mounties in canada to the state department in
6:48 pm
california. >> everywhere i stood, i was close to the couple. as part of the british media. i could see snipers on rooftops. there were so many men in black. people talking into their cuff. people with ear pieces. this couple was so very well protect the. >> reporter: our royal correspondent, katie nichols, reveals one scare on the way to the hospital. >> when they turned up to the hospital in montral, it was reported that an egg had been thrown at the royal car as it pulled up. there weren't any pictures. kate looks slightly ruffled as she got out. but the couple are moving forward. >> and also, the first lady's impact on hollywood. plus, dallas returns to hollywood, 20 years later. we have your first look. and our sherlock holmes exclusive. that and more, coming up on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13.
6:49 pm
time for baseball's all- stars to shine. the showcase game is tonight. mark has a preview, coming up next in sports. ,,,, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man.
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we don't have to worry
6:52 pm
about the orioles tonight. it's the all-star game. orioles catcher matt weeder. and seems like the o's are outmanned and outnumbered. even at a showcase game, where there are eight new york yankees and six boston red sox. boston's david ortiz. and here are the sox blast. finished behind the winner. 12 home runs in the final round. beat gonzalez by one. he had his dad pitching to him, which was a cool story. but some real pitchers will be on the mound tonight. and they are up for that challenge. >> it's always a great experience to come and play here. and to get a chance to go out and compete against the best players is something you look forward to. >> to be able to share a mound with a guy like roy holiday.
6:53 pm
and you know, all of the other pitchers that go along with this is a very humbling experience. >> reporter: that experience became dangerous during the derby when prince fielder hit a long ball to right center. upper right-hand corner. a fan slipped over the railing above the mlb sign. now, he was caught by his friends who kept him from falling several feet. of course, this was five days after a fan suffered a fatal fall. the guy was fine. we go from that fright to this fight. we'll rewind back to friday, at fenway park. confrontation. big bodies bumping. but if you're looking for purchs, not really. major leaguers make enough money to know, they really don't want to hurt one another. that was mostly posturing. you want a real brawl, check out the battle in the single a minor league game in spokane, washington. going after the visiting vancouver canadians. this is a bench-clearing brawl that features real punches.
6:54 pm
you see, they're young and enthusiastic. and they don't get paid much. that's why you're likely to see this kind of fighting. it's a minor league level. three were expected. the spokane indians issued an apology today. and they issued a statement that the organization does not condone this behavior. okay. here's something more gent eel. the golf world, turning its attention to england this week. the 140th british open begins thursday. and with tiger woods still out with a knee injury, a young irishman stands to get the spotlight. getting in a practice round. mcelroy, back in action, three weeks after his monumental victory at the u.s. open. what has followed that, three weeks of celebration and preparation. now the 22-year-old rising star ready to take another swing at ooh title.
6:55 pm
even going into the u.s. open. it's a great position to be in. i wouldn't change it for the whole world. going to try to win another one. mcelroy did finish tied for third a year ago. he will play with ernie els and ricky fowler and first round play on thursday. thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,, [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight. it is the good wife. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, the president tells us social security checks may be in jeopardy. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. >> pelley: during a historic moment for the nation, mr. obama says only courage will head off financial default now. assassination in afghanistan. mandy -- mandy clark reports that president garzy's brother was gunned down. cynthia bowers in a city so strapped it's firing cops as soon as they get their badge. and the first, first lady of the modern age, bill whitaker remembers betty ford who forever changed how america views the white house. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting

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